Dead Poets’ Society – Carpe Diem

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may Old Time is still a-flying And this same flower that smiles today Tomorrow will be dying” The Hell-ton survivor and now its English teacher, John Keating (Robin Williams) precisely sums up everything about this movie in his first appearance. He is as close to romanticism and poetry as is his name... Continue Reading →


One day…

Things appear to be falling in place for me as of now. I have a job that I’ll be joining soon, the first step to the fulfilment of pretty much all my responsibilities towards my family. I’ll soon be a part of the vast competitive and ruthless corporate world as I’ve heard of it. That... Continue Reading →

The Metamorphosis – A Review

'Kafkaesque' never existed in the English dictionary before late nineteenth century. Why? Were the phenomena that it describes inexistent prior to that? No. Kafka brought to words what life brought to heart in a way that no one ever did. It appears to me as if he was more attached to his writing than is... Continue Reading →

Quantum Of Solace

The last two days had been quite depleting on him. Running from one corner of the hospital to another, one counter for cash payments to another for allocation of a room, Karim had really felt as if he was never going to get out of this loop of paying bills and at the same time... Continue Reading →

Paranoia – Or Whatever It Is!

After about four hours, hunting for one of my meds which I could not find, and completing the official procedures required for the acceptance of a fee after its deadline date, I was undoubtedly exhausted. Starving, as I approached my college canteen, I saw a classmate. "This was supposed to be a mass bunk!" "Oh... Continue Reading →

We’re All So “Mature”!

In less than a fortnight of its release, 'Afreen Afreen' from Coke Studio 9 has become one of the most viewed and talked about Coke Studio songs. Some say that the addition of some extra lyrics for the female voice has robbed the song of its original charm while some others are just in awe of the beautiful... Continue Reading →

I’ll build ’em up

Three days back, one out of the two people whom I deem most fit to review what I write commented on a freshly written article as being "Being well-written but inscrutable". The other one has yet not replied to my email in which I sent him that piece. The other response can be easily anticipated.... Continue Reading →


The house looks completely dark from outside. They’ve all probably slept. It is quite late into the night. Aditi, he thinks, would’ve dozed off in the hall itself, waiting for him. He needs to be careful. He hasn’t eaten a single ounce of food since morning; only coffee has been serving his purpose. Anyway, he... Continue Reading →

No Abnormal Stuff

I've spent the last few months of my life looking at all the negatives it has offered and can have in store for me. I've been frustrated, confused, befuddled, angry, complaining, disgusted, exasperated and finally gained nothing out of all this. No wait, there's one thing that all this has made me realize, and that's... Continue Reading →

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