They come down mirthful in their flight under gravity, hooting, whirling, laughing, shouting, in their own limitless ecstasy. They fall; they fly and crash head-on into me who has been laying breadth wise across that traditional jute bed, face upward, staring the skies in my own pursuance of optimism. Dry till an instant before, I am pleased at such an impromptu invasion of my face and thoughts. The aura has changed, tiny invaders have started attacking me in a drizzle, but I have seized to move. I choose to be complaisant to my invaders. I let them come and explore each nook and corner of my skin-curtained skull. “Come, here’s my little too big nose, then here my previously pimpled cheek, here this tiny speck of beard on my chin, these medium-sized pinnae, these not-so-ideal lips, and this forehead. Come have me all!” And they comply, as if inviting their counterparts who, as their predecessors, come down in the same wild ecstasy. Abundance; they come down in full abundance and now I can feel the force; feel their desire to inhabit, feel my desire to let them. They transfer their ecstasy to me, I am ecstatic, elated to have inhabitants, companions.

But as and when the drizzle converts to a full-fledged rainfall, I perceive that with each newcomer landing here, the old one has trickled down and now has no whereabouts; but they keep coming.

Yes, one shall go with the arrival of the other; or to put it optimistically, with each departing drop, another shall arrive to never have me isolated, uninhabited.


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