My Protection, My Escort… My Society!

Perhaps you would not disagree with me when I say that most of man’s attempts at introspection are soon transformed into critiques of all those who surround him. Let’s elaborate.

Introspection, in common terms may be understood as an occasional dive into the dunes of time to analyze and categorize one’s life, decisions, and occurrences. When one attempts at introspection, he keeps all his actions under the scanner and formulates an unbiased report. Unbiased; A lovely word, an embodiment of justice in itself, wonderful to pronounce, encouraging to hear, but to inculcate… Question mark! Man unbiased towards himself; Strange?

‘Competition’ would be an irrelevant word in that case. Selfishness is a feeling, more of a belief, an undoubting one; an unflinching opinion that if I committed a mistake, there has to be a stimulus, a person that causes so. Somebody else has to be responsible for my mistake. It’s unflinching, you see. That, I suppose, gives an ample of a backing to my opening sentence, “…critiques of all those who surround him.”

The question then arises, “Why not straightforwardly shun these that stimulate us to err, to make mistakes? Why not practice a complete abhorrence and consequently, approach perfection?” We, however, first need to identify, who are these that surround us? And why do they do so? ‘Interfere’ is the word. Why do they interfere?

In the most primitive of times, man devised the method of living in groups, with others of his own kind, to survive hostilities, to act each other’s shield. Okay, a bit of a nomenclature change will have the deeper meaning rise to the surface; today, they serve as ‘scapegoats’. It is self-evident, neither was man singly able to survive then, nor is he now. He needs someone as a companion, he needs those who surround. Just the uses have changed, evolved over the period of time. Prehistoric man used his companions as a shield to protect himself from hostilities; twenty first century man uses his society to climb up the ladder of success while not having to single-handedly bear the burden of all his failures. I added something…

There is a positive and very integral side to ‘interferences’ also. Not only does the society come in handy as ‘scapegoats’, it is also a stimulus for man’s success, his advancement on the success ladder… ‘Expectations’ is the word. Society can, very justifiably, be dubbed as a most bountiful organization that happens to find in everyone some or the other talent- depending upon the society’s eligible discretion- and then goad him into intense, often unwanted, action such that the victim ends up finding himself somewhere unexpected yet desirable. A most plausible and suitable example lies in deciding the career of a person. His society that includes his closest as well as his farthest acquaintances very interestingly begins to decide for him what career he shall choose, mind you, their decision is often non-concurrent with that of the person himself. There are some fighters who carve their way out of the odds, and there are submitters who let themselves drift in the direction that appeals to the society; but what actually is concurrent is the fact that both of them ultimately land on the zenith. The time certainly differs, but not the destination. And that’s all what matters, I believe!

I believe I have been- if not completely then to a great degree- able to convince you that the positive aspect of society is too valuable and dominating to be overlooked upon. However, if it’s all about society, then why did I start with introspection? Introspection, as I have previously made clear is the activity wherein man looks into himself, sees and ponders over everything that makes a part of him. Society is inevitably as important and inseparable a part of a man’s persona as is his own soul. This is the reason as to why during his errands into himself, man finds society very much ready to meet him, ready to be pondered over, ready to be blamed, ready to be named… Beginning with introspection was no mistake I suppose?

Society makes you err. Wonderful is the fact that how amidst the comedy of errors, it conducts you to the apex.

Undoubtedly, it makes you put in a tremendous amount of effort, and at times you almost give up the battle that you fight not for yours but the society’s will; but then it is it wise to shun it? Is it wise to neglect its role as a stimulus for errors, as a scapegoat, and finally as an escort to success?


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