On ‘Saiyyan’ by Kailash Kher

The disconcerting clamor of the wide, incomprehensible world slowly subsides. No more can you hear people telling you to do this and not do that, no more can you hear all the intrigue-ridden dialogues of some existences for some others, no more can you hear expectations, rebukes, taunts, helplessness, regret, jealousy, antagonistic attitudes, crestfallen voices and innumerable other such sounds that have made you loathe the world and all in it… Because amidst all this comes something that can nullify all these negatives – the voice of Kailash Kher.

In his pure, earthy, strong and heart-rending voice, he sings of unconditional love, of complete devotion, loyalty and completeness that one feels for his beloved. Singing as a female, he sings of how not all riches of the world but just a single touch of love is worth an entire life; of how the face of this lady’s love is what she lives to see and can die doing the same; of how immense an elation she acquires in his embrace; of how he and only he is the be all and end all of anything and everything. It’s a slow intoxication taking him over bit by bit, a slow ascendance to heaven as and when he comes into view, a realization of her absolute devotion to him just as a disciple of a prophet, a slow falling and consequent rising…

He in his song ‘Saiyyan’ prompts a rebirth of Sufism, presenting love in its purest and divine form, raising it from the level of a pain-giver to that of a prompt of an everlasting ecstasy. Just like the provisions of the Sufism, he talks of a communion with the Almighty by giving love a permanent place in one’s heart, of placing love above all to reach the one who is above us all.

The nearly a minute long interlude that comprises of a mellifluous play of the Harmonium, the Drum, and the Guitar (or maybe the Mandolin) transfers you to all new levels of mirth and excitement. You begin to feel the presence of that intense love within yourself. If you love someone, it just aggrandizes your feelings for her, and if you don’t, you long to fall in love. Kailash Kher has that innate quality of presenting love, through his voice, as something so ethereal, so desirable, so deific, and so pure that you tend to forget all the bad things you’ve heard or experienced about romantic love. No more do you remember those gashes that love has left on you, no more do you think of those infidelities, you just want to fall, fall and rise to those levels that he sings of.

An all-time favourite of mine, I can simply spend all my day listening to him…


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