No Abnormal Stuff

I’ve spent the last few months of my life looking at all the negatives it has offered and can have in store for me. I’ve been frustrated, confused, befuddled, angry, complaining, disgusted, exasperated and finally gained nothing out of all this. No wait, there’s one thing that all this has made me realize, and that’s what I’m going to share with you here. Possibly, most of you know what I’m about to tell; but then there’s no harm in revising what you’ve learnt, right?

So, what I’ve realized is that life is not a fable. They are two very different things. There’s a difference between the ideal and the real. Why did we have to write “Considering ideal circumstances…” for all derivations in our Science class? Because, in reality, things deviate. The deviation only widens. Your parents won’t always understand you. Your girlfriend/boyfriend will ditch you. Your passion will not align with your profession. Your interests will not always be acknowledged. You’ll fail in your academics. You’ll be mocked in public, you’ll be fooled, you’ll see the peak of your career and then its worst downfall. You’ll find yourself devoid of all skill and wonder how the world happens to be so prodigious. Your love won’t be reciprocated. You’ll see your parents proud of you at one time and ashamed of you at the other. You’ll beg God to spare you all this unfair treatment, or you’ll become a complete unbeliever. You’ll cry, you’ll feel like dying, you’ll see no way ahead.

Disasters will happen. You’ll be left dead with no one to bring you back to life but yourself. Yes, your very own self. This is life, and you have to live it. Period. When you feel mentally, morally or physically low, it is only you who can convert that low into a high. It is just a mind-shift that’s required. You need to feel that this is your life! You just need to feel saturated. You need to feel that now you can’t take any more of this mediocrity, that no one deserves to take you for granted. You need to feel that adrenaline rush that shouts out to you,”I’m here for a purpose and no one on Earth can deter me from achieving it!” You just need to be mad enough to be unable to be mad any further. That’s when your madness will reincarnate itself to sheer determination and hard work. That’s when life will rush its way into you. That’s when you’ll be living again.

If you want something, get up and get going. If the world gives you a blow, get mad enough to give an ever harsher one in its face! Stop crying. Change your mind and you’ll change the world as you fancy.


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