We’re All So “Mature”!

In less than a fortnight of its release, ‘Afreen Afreen’ from Coke Studio 9 has become one of the most viewed and talked about Coke Studio songs. Some say that the addition of some extra lyrics for the female voice has robbed the song of its original charm while some others are just in awe of the beautiful rendition. In less than three days since release, the video had received more than 4 million views on YouTube. That certainly is extraordinary. And certainly, not all of it could be attributed to the awesome music that has been clubbed with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s version of the song.

The exponential popularity of the song has another cause factor – Momina Mustehsan, the beautiful female voice in the song which has Rahat Fateh Ali Khan dominating the vocals. Since the release of the song, she has become the heartthrob of young India; I don’t know if that’s true for the rest of the world. She indeed is beautiful; no doubt about that.

The thing to ponder over is, how did this popular heartthrob become my heartthrob too? When I first came to college, things were abuzz with rumors about a girl who was great – both by intellect and by looks, which people obviously preferred. My classmates were nuts about her. I had not even bothered to try finding out who that girl was. Whether I found her out or not, and what happened next is a completely different story. What bothers me is that this time, I feel myself all the more immature than ever.

I know she’s a celebrity, I know she’s at least ten thousand miles away from where I am, and I know that there’s no way any sort of contact or correspondence is possible. I still am following everything about her. That’s not me! Or maybe, since I’m writing this, it actually is me. And if it is me, then I’m immature and an impostor hiding himself from himself.

The question is – Is being immature really that bad? And how immature can you get?

Admitting that I am very immature, I guess we can never declare if we have matured. Each moment, we only get as mature as to be able to recognize our past actions as our ‘immaturity’. Under the garb of ‘maturity’ we increase our worth in the society, but how worthy do we feel inwards? I was once identified as a very mature person, far more than my peers; but you know what was behind that superficial pride that I felt? It was fear – deep rooted – haunting my being at all moments. It was burden – consistent efforts to save my image in the society! What about the image of myself that wanted to see? I never could!

So yeah, I am in – what I call love – with Momina Mustehsan. As ridiculous or childish as it might seem! After two failed attempts at it, here I am, back again! Experimenting with “love”! To the superficially ‘mature’ part of me, this actually seems foolish; but I guess it’s time to move on from superficiality to truth. I realize that I would have otherwise not at all expressed my admiration of her beauty and her voice. I would have just responded with a shrug or a nod while maintaining my “mature” calm and composed aura. But now, I can actually joke about it with my friends and roomies. I’ll openly follow her Instagram account, her Facebook, her Twitter and other stuff. And since she’s just a year or so older than me, I might even have a ray of hope about it 😉 ! Reality will soon unfold, and we’ll all move on – me, my friends, and Momina Mustehsan! We’re all so “mature” after all…

By the way, here’s my first gesture of love – requesting all of you to please watch this performance of my love! 😉


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