Hi all,

I am Azfar, an engineering aspirant from India with a strong desire to pen down all that I think, see, observe and infer. My person remains a lively microcosm of my nation. I signify my nation in its diversity- from formula based Mathematics to unconventional and unbounded literature, from Trigonometrical Ratios to Romantic poetry, from Gas Laws to Critical Commentary, and from Kinematics to language, I handle it all… And what prompts and sustains all this is the presence of an adult mind with a childish heart in this corporeal frame of mine.

Writing is my passion as well as strain-reliever, and I never let myself strained for a long time… 😉

I am vast, and I enjoy each nook and corner in this vastness of mine. 🙂

Feel free to get in touch with me. Any queries, or even chats… I’ll be there for you at-

Email Id- als.16@live.com



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