On ‘Saiyyan’ by Kailash Kher

The disconcerting clamor of the wide, incomprehensible world slowly subsides. No more can you hear people telling you to do this and not do that, no more can you hear all the intrigue-ridden dialogues of some existences for some others, no more can you hear expectations, rebukes, taunts, helplessness, regret, jealousy, antagonistic attitudes, crestfallen voices... Continue Reading →


Down The Love Lane…

“Loving you has made me love myself”, “He cared”, “He just let me be me… That was the most important thing that brought me close to him”; each and every word in these lines bombarded against the walls of his heart, and brain. It all circulated in a whirlwind in his head, converting all that... Continue Reading →

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