Quantum Of Solace

The last two days had been quite depleting on him. Running from one corner of the hospital to another, one counter for cash payments to another for allocation of a room, Karim had really felt as if he was never going to get out of this loop of paying bills and at the same time... Continue Reading →



The house looks completely dark from outside. They’ve all probably slept. It is quite late into the night. Aditi, he thinks, would’ve dozed off in the hall itself, waiting for him. He needs to be careful. He hasn’t eaten a single ounce of food since morning; only coffee has been serving his purpose. Anyway, he... Continue Reading →

The Fag

Dense smoke; White puffs rising and mingling into the air, becoming one with it, amalgamating themselves to look as pure as the air itself, our rather, making it all impure. Instinct tells me that I am being watched – I look around and spot a boy in an auto-rickshaw staring at this man in his... Continue Reading →

I’ve Learned to Love Life

“Okay I’ll drop you to the main road, and you can go on your own from there”, he was saying while he tied his wristwatch. “After all, your mother has asked me to drop you, but not specified as to drop you where...” And here again he came up with that playful wink of his.... Continue Reading →

My Protection, My Escort… My Society!

Perhaps you would not disagree with me when I say that most of man's attempts at introspection are soon transformed into critiques of all those who surround him. Let's elaborate. Introspection, in common terms may be understood as an occasional dive into the dunes of time to analyze and categorize one’s life, decisions, and occurrences.... Continue Reading →

Down The Love Lane…

“Loving you has made me love myself”, “He cared”, “He just let me be me… That was the most important thing that brought me close to him”; each and every word in these lines bombarded against the walls of his heart, and brain. It all circulated in a whirlwind in his head, converting all that... Continue Reading →

No Next Day…

She waits all day… Along with all the innumerable chores to which she attends, she never loses count of the number of hours after which he would finally return. In that small compartment of her mind are reserved all those scarce moments that she has had with him. It is the most invaluable part of... Continue Reading →


They come down mirthful in their flight under gravity, hooting, whirling, laughing, shouting, in their own limitless ecstasy. They fall; they fly and crash head-on into me who has been laying breadth wise across that traditional jute bed, face upward, staring the skies in my own pursuance of optimism. Dry till an instant before, I... Continue Reading →

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